In Solidarity with Ukraine

Due to the current situation, we are ready to support students and employees from Ukraine and their families. On this page, you will find the most important information about the possible forms of support and the organization of learning and living in Poland.

Dear students of Ukrainian origin, we support you and your families.
We are very proud of your nation. Our support and unity is with you here in Poland, at Lazarski University.


We have launched a fundraiser to help support our Ukrainian students, graduates, employees and their families. Thanks to this fundraiser, we can help those affected with issues related to accommodation, basic everyday needs, and other unforeseen costs.

Fundacja Uczelni Łazarskiego
ING Bank Śląski S.A., Oddział 1 w Warszawie,

66 1050 1025 1000 0023 5370 6811
with the note: UKRAINA in the transfer title

Donation Collection

Collection starts on the campus on Monday (February 28)

To make it easier for you to decide how you can support our Ukrainian friends, we have divided the list of products into help packages. If you are not able to collect the entire set - it's okay, we will sort individual products. Some kits are very specialized such as the ("Battlepack"), but are very much needed! We are counting on you!

- List updated on: 27.02.2022 13:00

Hygiene package

  • Toothpaste and Toothbrushes
  • Soap (Regular or Liquid)
  • Shampoo and Bath Gel
  • Wet Wipes
  • Hand Sanitizer
  • Sanitary Napkins and Tampons

Protection package

  • Thermal Blanket
  • Sleeping Bag
  • Sleeping Mat or Roll
  • Warm Blanket
  • Waterproof Clothes
  • Thermal Underwear
  • Flashlight and Batteries
  • Power Banks

Medical package

  • Plasters (Band-Aids) or Medical Dressings
  • Elastic Bandages
  • Octanisept or other Disinfectants
  • Latex Gloves and Medical Masks
  • Painkillers and Antipyretics
  • First Aid Kits

Combat package - "Battlepack"

  • Bulletproof vest
  • Helmet
  • Motorola Walkie-Talkies (range over 1 km)
  • Military Tactical Vest
  • Tactical Gloves
  • Rescue Winch

Package for children

  • Prepared Food (Jars, Tubes)
  • Modified Milk
  • Wet Wipes for Children
  • Protective Cosmetics (Powder, Olive, Cream for Chafing)
  • Diapers
  • Clothes (especially warm), Blankets

Food package

  • Hot Cups (Soups, Noodles, and Broth)
  • Tea and Instant Coffee
  • Canned Meat and Fish
  • Toasted Bread
  • Disposable Cutlery

Pet package

  • Canned Dog and Cat Food 
  • Cages and Blankets
  • Bowls

The above list will be modified depending on the current needs.

You can bring donations to Room 37 from 8 AM till 8 PM .

IMPORTANT! WE NEED VOLUNTEERS! If you want to get involved, please contact Student Help Desk:
Facebook: @studenthelpdesklazarski

We really need your support, including the organization and transportation of donated goods.

Information about Studies

In these particular times, we remind you that all students of Lazarski University are treated the same way, regardless of nationality, skin color, gender or origin. 

- updated on: 04.03.2022 21:00

Dean's leave (Sabbatical)

Ukrainian students have the opportunity to obtain a Dean's leave (sabbatical), i.e. a break in studies, without having to fill out an application form.

Preparation, scanning and sending of special requests - not required.

Just send an e-mail to your Dean's Office: 

During the Dean's leave, the student status is maintained.

Online teaching

Students staying outside the territory of Poland, who are unable to come, can participate in classes remotely via Microsoft Teams. All You need to do is register your willingness to participate in remote classes to the appropriate Dean's Office.

Exams and assessments

Students can expect flexibility with exams and assessments, e.g. remote exams/assessments or the ability to adjust the dates of exams/assessments depending on the individual situation of the Student.


An internal accommodation base is being created at the University. 

We collect information about the needs of the Lazarski University students and about the accommodation possibilities of our employees, students, graduates and academic partners.

Please report information about an available room / flat / house in which you can provide free of charge for a few days or a longer period of time to families coming to Warsaw.

Students from Ukraine often live in multi-bed dormitories, so they cannot share them with their parents or siblings.

Please send your offers to the following e-mail address:, specifying the number of people that can be accommodated (if applicable, the number of children and their age) and the maximum period of occupancy of the room / flat.

Academic housing estate "Przyjaźń"

Academic housing estate ‘Przyjaźń’ (Ul. Konarskiego 1) temporarily suspends staying fees for students who are currently staying in Ukraine.

Student Depot 

  • Each resident can host a family member in his room free of charge as long as it is needed (in exceptional circumstances, we also accept underage siblings).
  • In March, Student Depot covers the accommodation costs from the deposit.
  • For people in difficult situations, discounts will be available in the coming months.
  • People who want to terminate the contract but are not able to come to Poland, Student Depot allows it to be terminated immediately without any financial consequences (despite a valid lease contract for a specified period).

Moreover, the Student Depot will treat each case individually.  

Payments for studies

If you are interested, please contact us at:

Psychological or Psychiatric Help

Permanent Psychological or Psychiatric help has been launched, which is available at Lazarski University. Specialists will be on permanent duty at the campus. The assistance is walk-in welcome. No student will be required to make an appointment with a given specialist.

The office space will be in Sector F, 6th floor, room 623


Dr. Dagmara Bartczak - Schermer (Polish)

Gabriela Gab, Master (Polish)

  • Working hours:
    •  Wednesday, 12:00 - 15:00
  •  For graduates:

Oleksandra Rosowicz, Master (Polish)

  • Working hours:
    • Tuesday, 12:00 - 16:00

Jolanta Porębska, Master (English) - sector C, ground floor, room 23B

  • Working hours:
    • Friday, 14:30 - 16:30

Edyta Wietecha, Master (English) - sektor C, ground floor, room 23A

  • Working hours:
    • Wednesday, 12:30 - 14:00

Legal Assistance

Student Legal Clinic

  • Help in legalizing your stay,
  • Help related to children:
    • Contact with schools,
    • Completing the documents needed to admit the child to school;
  • Contact with notaries who help free of charge in:
    • Preparation of documents needed for children's travel,
    • Certification of documents


Legal Assistance

- assistance in legalizing the stay, how to cross the border
Tel: (+48) 22 54 35 516
Sector A, 1nd floor, Room 100


Library joins the „Solidarity with Ukraine” initiative and will hold an amnesty in the period from 03.03.22-31.03.2022. If you have books that were not returned on time, please turn them in these days. The late return fee will be divided in half. One half will be donated to you and the other half will be donated to "Solidarity with Ukraine". Under this name is a charity action, which helps many needy families coming from Ukraine. Readers who do not wish to participate in the campaign can opt out of this form of amnesty and pay the entire amount due to the Library. If you are not behind with your books and you want to support the campaign, make any donation in the Lending Library..

Users from Ukraine, who cannot return books during this period due to the war will not need to pay late return fee and all books will be renewed after sending an email to

Library contact data: +48 22 54 35 390 (Circulation desk) and

Sector F, 1st floor, room 141.


Shared Contact Email Address

- to address on any subjects connected with studies at Lazarski University of students from Ukraine

Student Help Desk

- information for students (facebook, instagram 24/7, languages: Polish, English, Ukrainian, Russian)
tel. (+48) 22 54 35 353
Facebook: @studenthelpdesklazarski

Dean's Office - Student Service
Tel: (+48) 22 54 35 311/312
fax. (+48) 22 54 35 310
sector F, 3rd floor, room 362

Tel: (+48) 22 54 35 515
sector C, ground floor, room 38a

Useful and Reliable Links

Polish Verified Information Sources

Official Government Channels for Information


Закликаємо усіх громадян зберігати спокій і за можливості залишатися вдома. #Україна_ина